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EU vs China made

The BCG (Boston Consulting Group) stated in an article “For some machinery subsectors in Germany, the threat from Chinese challengers is already evident.In machinery subsectors in which the catch-up barriers are high and the catch-up capabilities of Chinese companies are low, European companies should nevertheless act to preserve their dominant position for as long as possible.”

Freeze-dryer Manufacturer Factories Worldwide

We can clearly see a trend in the manufacturing side to have a double base: a European HQ extremely focus on best practice and R&D and a Chinese subsidiary for standard solution generally dedicated to emerging markets. This is true for GEA and Telstar but it is not everybody’s story: there are manufacturer that took a position several years ago in one or another direction.OPTIMA for example, has just a German factory to fulfill its customer requirements while IMA decided to bet its production on the CNY.


One of the major defect of Chinese machinery is the use of older version of main components:

  • Vacuum pumps

  • Compressors

  • Silicon Oil separator

Consequently, it jeopardizes the efficiency of the entire equipment and, generates a time consuming task for consumables search.

Stainless Steel

Another main issue for the final quality of the machine is found in the stainless steel 316 L.

European manufacturers generally buy their stainless steel in Sweden or Germany while Chinese manufacturer incorporate stainless steel from India, China or Korea.

As result, and backed up by many pharmaceutical companies feedbacks, 2 problems arise:

  • Traceability: more complicated to guarantee the origin of the primary material

  • Quality Standard: the finishes are quite different among the equipment in comparison with European brands


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