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LyophilizationWorld is a global platform in the field of lyophilization and freeze drying technology. Our expertise combines deep technical knowledge of current lyophilization state of the art solutions, together with a motivation to promote lyophilization applications in all the sectors where it can be applied.


What makes us special? Our audience of decision makers and influential professionals in lyophilization field. They are the type of people who run companies, manage investments and take technical decisions.

What’s more, our audience is incredibly loyal to LyophilizationWorld. Why? We give them intelligent reads every week.

The numbers speak for themselves. Our open rates are double industry standards, our click through rates are quadruple industry averages. That’s why we are one of the top websites in the world.


If you want to get your brand in front of an influential crowd, you’ve come to the right spot.



Our team has a long track record in lyophilization field together with an extensive network within the equipment technology suppliers, offering us a global vision in present technical solutions and alternatives available for each specific application.



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LyophilizationWorld is the leading website for lyophilization and freeze drying, due to the high technical articles,  news and events. By boosting your brand here, you can reach segmented audience with particular interest in lyophilization.

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