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Automation in Freeze-Drying

In the last 25 years, the percentage of lyophilized products has increased from 10% to almost 30% of the existing parenteral drugs. In addition, 80% of the freeze-dried parenteral drugs are lyophilized in vials. Vials are the most standardized solution for freeze drying products, such as vaccines, peptides and proteins, due to the enormous advantages for transport and shelf life.

The continuous development of new formulations and products of the pharmaceutical industry requests equipment suppliers for constant delivery of solutions to comply with current regulations, the growing market demand and productivity.

Addressing the Advanced Pharmaceutical Market

Ilshinbiobase in its commitment to accompany its customer BCWorld Pharm, in the improvement of their new lyophilized human vaccines production line, has developed state of the art automatic loading and unloading of vials to be integrated efficiently with Ilshinbiobase range of industrial lyophilizers for the pharmaceutical industry.

Ms. Hye-Ran Seo, a senior vice president of BC World Pharm. Co., won the Industrial Packaging Award for the technology at the 'Korea Industrial Technology R&D Competition and Technology Award'; In order to launch global products, BCWP developed a complete automatic aseptic manufacturing line following the EU-GMP (Europe) and cGMP (USA) standards, thus BCWP is about to enter the advanced pharmaceutical market.

Automation in Freeze-Drying

The automatic loading unloading system does not require human resources during the pharmaceutical freeze-drying process with a special design to avoid any possibility of cross contamination and minimize the generation of particles.

Efficient, secure and consistent with the following elements:

Row by row method

Convenient maintenance and economical management bring more benefits to customers. This type of loading-unloading system has no mechanic parts moving above the vials and locates the entire unloading system drive mechanism in the technical area, where it can be accessed at all times. It is historically the most accepted loading system for a single freeze dryer and worldwide references are

ilshinbiobase loading system

Automatic Pizza Door

Automatic pizza door minimizes the exposure to external atmosphere during loading/unloading. Less chance of contamination and less energy consumption.

Loading/Unloading device

Loading device lines up vials from conveyor belt and delivers through bridge into the freeze-dryer; the pushing bar under servo motor control packs the vial rows in hexagonal shape so that friction is avoided. Unloading device brings vials back to conveyor belt once the lyophilization process is terminated.

ilshinbiobase loading unloading system

Vials positioner/Counter device

Specially designed vial location controller and positioner with photo optical sensor. Precision control is guaranteed with 0% counter error rate.

Buffering device/Flexible liner

Buffer device provides enough space for vials in order to maintain optimal flow of production process without chance of congestion or over filling. Flexible liner provides flexibility on vial transportation: from 2ml to 100ml.

Watch the process in our Multimedia.

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