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The newest laboratory freeze dryer by ilshinbiobase

Many people search for a freeze dryer and are surprised, even overwhelmed, with the number of choices available. The biggest question seems to arise when trying to determine the best laboratory freeze dryer: since “everything” begins at the lab.

One of the most important factors in determining the right lyophilizer for your needs is the temperature its collector coil can reach. Lab freeze dryers cool anywhere from -50° C (-58° F) to -105° C (-157° F). Collector temperatures are important in the lab because many samples contain solvents such as acetonitrile and DMSO or acids such as TFA. These solvents require a colder collector temperature to give a temperature differential and prevent melt back of the sample during the lyophilization process. Different materials of construction are also used to handle these solvents and acids.

TFD freeze dryer (by ilshinbiobase) is designed for biological, pharmaceutical and food product formulation and "scale up" work, facilitating transfer technology to the R&D centers and production. It is a high performance unit with a GLP design, that allows for performing the entire freeze drying process fully automatically as well as accurately monitoring it.

One unique feature of this lab freeze dryer is the door design!

The ilshibiobase chamber solution

Multi Drying Chamber, specially designed and patented by Ilshinbiobase.

There are many benefits and advantages of Multi Drying Chamber, first of all it is easy to handle. You can just place and put the transparent lid on the top. Entry part is inclined 70 degrees, stable and easy to access. No need of locking device, designed with complete sealing, and vacuum protection during process. MDC is made of stainless steel; surface is coated with polytetrafluoroethylene. PTFE coating protects from corrosion by acid, or any chemical substances and it is easy to clean. Also heating plate can be used as an option, for better efficiency for freeze drying process.

Additionally, you can use various containers for freeze drying (vials, trays, petridish, ampoules and flasks) and different applications even with the same batch. Through the whole process of freeze drying, you can check the sample phases (sublimation, drying, change in color).

After freeze drying is complete you can just remove the lid and take out dried samples.

Light, handy and simple.

Multi Drying Chamber is perfect solution for your labscale freeze drying!

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