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Organic Solvent Recovery

Updated: May 13, 2021

Recovery of solvents from process streams is necessary, from both ecological and economical points of view. The goal is to recover, purify and re-use expensive process components, capture a specific chemical or fraction from a mixed stream, and/or remove a byproduct from wastewater to meet effluent regulations.

Solvent Recovery is based on the fact that the vapor of a boiling mixture will be richer in low boil point components such as alcohols, acetones, aliphatic hydrocarbons and, ketones.

When the vapor is cooled and condensed, the liquid condensate becomes a valuable product that can be sold back into the industrial marketplace.

A solvent recovery system is the preferred recycling method among many industrial manufacturers since it provides a cost-effective solvent recuperation solution and minimizes adverse environmental effects.

Solvent recovery/ solvent recycling or solvent reclamation is often a vital economic factor in determining the plant expansion or sustainability of a new project. New solvent costs, constant tightening of environmental regulations, and waste disposal costs can easily exceed the cost of solvent recovery equipment and operation.


Three well-known names, MIRAI Intex, Refolution GmbH and HOF Sonderanagen GmbH that have come together to offer a state-of-the-art solution for handling, cleaning, purifying, and recycling a wide range of solvents.

Mirai is a recognized developer in the fields of ultra-low temperature refrigeration machines that use air as the refrigerant, with multiple systems in operation, helping clients perform ULT processes without harming the environment.

Only natural refrigerant (AIR) is used in multiple stages of the cooling process. The ultra-low temperature process is realized with a MIRAI INTEX air cycle refrigeration solution MIRAI Cold 10 C/W/T . The process can also handle wet gases from scrubbers with special heat exchangers that can handle ice production and are separated into two lines with a recovery cycle.

Known for its modern engineering approach and quality services, Refolution provides its services in the best possible way.

HOF creates complete solutions that use advanced design according to the demands of the customer along with the latest technologies and high-quality components.

Benefits of solution:

  • Exhaust gas purification with simultaneous recovery of the solvent

  • Solvent recycling of up to 99% – virtually no need to buy new solvents

  • Efficient exhaust gas cleaning in accordance with TA-Luft and other regulations

  • Infinitely variable output with effective partial load performance

  • Maximum pressure of 10 bar

  • Redundant and failsafe system design

Benefits of MIRAI Cold 10 C/W/T :

  • Low-maintenance, long-life technology – oil-free turbo-machine

  • Energy efficient

  • Environmentally friendly and safe with GWP 0 and a maximum pressure of 10 bar

  • Future-proof as there are no environmental regulations pertaining to refrigeration engineering

  • Free and freely available refrigerant

  • No risk of suffocation or explosion


There are multiple other options MIRAI Intex can offer for freeze-drying applications. MIRAI Cold machines can be used in various configurations depending on the end design of the complete system. For systems with larger cooling demands multiple MIRAI Cold machines can be run in parallel. Each application is unique and Mirai Intex is eager to find the perfect ultra-low temperature refrigeration solution for your application.


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