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Freeze drying Probiotics?

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

The name probiotic comes from the Greek words pro bios meaning “for life”.

Probiotics is known to give beneficial effect on human body such as improving intestinal motility, strengthening immunity, reducing atopic diseases and suppressing noxious germs.

In the past, the general way to ingest probiotics were drinking liquids, though there is a limitation in terms of storage time and practical efficacy.

Freeze drying technology opened a new way of consuming probiotics with higher efficacy and with long-term storage time by freeze drying, as well as diversify applications for these kind of products - cosmetic is one of them by applying probiotics on various products such as serum or gel masks.

probiotic product - ildong pharmaceutical

One of major pharmaceutical companies in South Korea, ILDONG pharmaceutical, is the pioneer in the probiotics field. ILDONG pharmaceutical has dealt with probiotics as prime business and has researched and developed more than 3,000 kinds of authentic probiotics cultures. ILDONG pharmaceutical is one of the customers of ilshinbiobase, who has used industrial scale lyophilizer for the production of probiotics.

ilshinbiobase has supplied its industrial lyophilizers to many companies in Asia and the US to produce probiotic products and is becoming the front runner and largest market leader in this niche technology with more than 30 years of experience.

The growth and expansion of probiotics products worldwide is unquestionable and the need of expertise in this lyophilization technology, such as inlshinbiobase’s, will be essential.

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