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Isolators available on the Market

Isolators are routinely found within the pharmaceutical industry and are widely used in Europe (and increasingly in the US) for aseptic compounding applications. But what are the best isolators on the market?

To answer this question we definitively need to get deeper in the manufacture world and their alliances. In fact, complex filling lines require competent management of the interaction between filling machine, isolator system and subsequent machines, e.g. freeze-dryers or overseal capping machines. Challenges include the safe functioning of the interfaces, the simplicity of the overall controls system and easy of operation of the individual components.

In order to give some guidance:

Barrier Systems, are physical barriers separating the operator from the actual process. They fall into two main categories:

  • Product Protection (Aseptic Isolators): product being handled needs protection from;

  • Operator & Environmental Containment (Containment Isolators): product being handled is harmful in any way

The selection of the isolator supplier is very linked to the rest of the equipment involved in the line and the grade of documentation to deliver to authorities (very much determined by the product selling market).

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