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Integrated Overall Solution for Vial Sterile Lyophilization (part 2)

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Freeze-dryer auto loading & unloading system come into use in early 1980s, and it is a full-automatic connection equipment that uses automation technology to complete half-stoppered vials from the filler to the freeze dryer, and then from the freeze dryer to the capping machine under the premise of meeting regulations.

Upon several decades of development, it has formed several types as follows:

  • Moveable auto loading & unloading system

  • Fixed row by row auto loading & unloading system

  • Mixed type auto loading & unloading system

Where, Fixed row by row auto loading & unloading system has been generally adopted by pharmaceutical enterprises and is most widely used since it has the advantages such as high automation, good repeatability, easy to verify, guarantee of stable and reliable product quality, and minimization of product contamination, etc.

With increasingly strict regulations, the pharmaceutical enterprises put forward a higher requirement for production cost, production efficiency and sterile guarantee of products, and the auto loading & unloading system at present is also subject to challenges as follows:

  1. Since the plant space is limited, how to lay out the automatic feeding and discharging?

  2. How to avoid the loading pusher contamination risk when cross Grade A/ Grade B?

  3. How to make sterile verification of the loading pusher bellows?

  4. How to guarantee product sterility if laminar flow pattern in the location of loading pusher does not meet standard?

  5. Since the order demand is big, how to improve the production capacity?

Truking Technology has always been adhering to the concept of being the “sole or first”, keeping forging ahead, and dedicated to providing the customers with efficient, stable and perfect solutions. Over many years of investment and innovation, it has successively launched integrated solution for biological lyophilization automatic feeding & discharging, integrated solution for RGV lyophilization automatic feeding & discharging, solution for APIs sterile lyophilization automatic feeding & discharging, solution for APIs tray lyophilization automatic feeding & discharging, and solution for non-sterile food lyophilization automatic feeding & discharging. The α-ALUS series of automatic loading & unloading system is another generation of product launched by Truking Technology.

Characteristics of α-ALUS system

1. Flexible layout solution

  • Area of Grade B is reduced by 70%, and the operation cost is reduced

  • Widen the people and material flow channels

  • It can meet auto loading & unloading system demand of single or multiple freeze dryers

  • It is applicable to integrated lyophilization solution for different scale of Lab, pilot and production purpose

  • It can be integrated with Orabs, Crabs and Isolator systems

CRABS α-ALUS system
ORABS α-ALUS system
Common pusher loading & unloading system

2. Sterility compliance

  • Embedded loading pusher different scale of Lab, pilot and production purpose module

  • Design of pusher-free bellows

  • Reliable isolation and leak-proof structure

  • Perfect airflow pattern in core area

  • Clean control in critical areas

α-ALUS system requires no pusher
Common pusher bellows have cleaning dead ends

3. Efficient and stable loading pusher mode

  • Loading speed: 600VMP

  • Continuous pushing mode

  • Double-push design, single-row push loading and whole-plate loading cooperate with division of labor

  • There is no S-shaped cache area, which reduces vial-loading path

  • Big star-gear design, which improves the vial-counting efficiency

The α-ALUS series of automatic loading & unloading system is a future-oriented solution for feeding & discharging of freeze dryer. It not only is characterized by small space, flexible layout, good sterility compliance, intelligent and efficient feeding, etc., but can also form integrated lyophilization solutions in cooperation with LYOTK-type industrial, bench and pilot freeze dryer and different RABS forms. It can effectively reduce investment cost of the equipment, and maximize use value of the whole line.


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