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Lyophilization World monitors the pharmaceutical company news and provides bite-size blog analysis of industry trends and market developments. Related niche sites include articles on best manufacturing practices, regulatory compliance and new technologies. Also an extensive selection of the most interesting exhibitions in the field of pharmaceutical freeze-dryers, freeze-drying operation and freeze-drying equipment.

Corning FDA.JPG

FDA Approval of Valor® Glass

Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW) today announced that a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer has received FDA approval of Corning Valor® Glass for use as a primary package for a marketed drug product. Valor Glass has been specifically designed for pharmaceutical applications, and this approval makes...

tempris sensor.JPG

Tempris on LyophilizationWorld

LyophilizationWorld is glad to announce its newest collaboration with Tempris.  iQ-mobil is the developer and manufacturer of the wireless and battery-free temperature measurement system Tempris. Tempris is used for real-time product temperature monitoring in...


Freeze Dryer Manufacturers

World Map of the most reputable freeze dryer manufacturers; as we could expect the highest concentration is in Europe but this technology is experiencing great development in other areas...

Teclen logo.png

Teclen GmbH

LyophilizationWorld is glad to announce its newest collaboration with Teclen GmbH. 

Teclen is a German based company that sets its work and success on solving contamination issues during the lyophilization process. The key success of the company is....

Pharmaceutical FDA approved

Kurman Partners

This interacive map shows all manufacturing sites which are approved by FDA and /or EMA for manufacturing, analysis, packaging and distribution of pharmaceuticals.

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