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Creation of Lyophilized Antibody Medications Worldwide

The discovery that a lyophilized antibody could be stored much longer and transported farther than antibiotics could in the past was a game changer. Now researchers across the globe are discovering more they can do with lyophilzation technologies to help mankind.


At Lyophilization World we know how important our equipment is to the people who use it. This is why we only sell the best and we offer our clients with top rated customer service and product tutorials. We also provide lyophilization services, training, and all aspects of laboratory freeze-drying services. We provide in house batches of your product or supplies for you to start your own lyophilization on site. We are proud to be a part of the science of lyophilization and are here for whatever your needs may be with the highest quality materials, proven methods, and employees who take their roles seriously because they too believe in the cause.

Why Does the Quality of Your Lyophilized Vials Matter So Much?

In an article on BioPharm International, the possibility and proof of leaching from vial stoppers into lyophilized drugs was revealed. The implications are that these vital drugs that are in lyophilized vials could be affected by the materials used to keep them in, stoppers that require a needle to obtain the drugs were suspect as well as other forms of carriers. We pride ourselves in being on top of any new developments when it comes to things that may affect our final product, even after we have released to our clients.


Our vials for lyophilized medical materials are made only of approved medical grade materials. We also stay ahead of the research so if any studies indicate that there are better alternatives we will upgrade because we know the important work we do and the important world changing research our clients perform. You can trust you have the best when you order from us.

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