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Lyophilization World Provides the Best in Lyophilization Expertise Worldwide

Is your company in need of lyophilization services that guarantee the quality of the product over time? We can and do. We take our business seriously and your product is safe with us.


Why lyophilization? The three phases include freezing, first drying, and second drying. This process has been proven to make antibiotics last longer on the shelf, prolong the life of certain drugs, and vaccines and even produce tablets that dissolve on the patient's tongue. The practice is a requirement for medicine production in the pharmaceutical world, but is also commonly used in the cosmetic industry, in food production, lab samples, and more. Lyophilization is vital in many industries, and finding the best industrial company to provide these services is vital. We are proud to say that we offer the best in Spain because we know it is an exact science and we are a perfectionist when it comes to each and every batch. Our equipment is the best, our employees are well qualified and trained and our reputation precedes us. If your product needs perfect treatment, call us to see what we can do for you.

How Are Freeze Dryers Revolutionizing the World?

Although the first use of freeze-drying can be traced back several hundred years, today's freeze-drying technology has been changing the possibilities and outlooks for products across the globe. No longer are some items controlled by the aging effects of time. No, through freeze-drying more medications, vaccinations, and even food can reach further across the globe to the people who need them most.


Freeze dryers are not just useful on a large humanitarian scale either. Live cultures can be frozen for many uses in daily health, cosmetics, and medical studies. Even increasing the available antibiotics in your local pharmacy is possible because of freeze-drying technology. The next time you enjoy your live culture supplement, or your antibiotic the same day your doctor ordered it, remember that it all started with large scale and streamlined freeze dryers. Even long term food storage that can last much longer than their moist counterparts when not exposed to air, is possible with this technology.

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