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Lyophilization Cycle Steps

Predictability and perfect duplication is vital when it comes to medical grade freeze-drying. We have mastered the art of the lyophilization cycle so our results can be perfectly exact when anything less is not acceptable.


There are four steps in the lyophilization cycle. First is freezing. During this cycle the product goes from a liquid phase to a frozen phase in an exact controlled amount of time. The second step is evacuation. This step uses a vacuum to reduce pressure below the vapor pressure of ice and even below the triple point of water. The third phase is primary drying. During this phase some heat is added to change the ice into a gas, it must be done exactly right and exactly the same for every single batch of the same item. The final stage is secondary drying. This stage adds more heat to drive off any unfrozen water that is still connected to the final product.

Bacteria Lyophilization Is The Best Way to Store Important Bacteria for the Long and Short Term.

Bacteria lyophilization allows scientists to put their bacteria strains on hold for storage or archival purposes. We offer quality bacteria lyophilization services in Spain, so come in and tour our facility today to find out more about how we can help further your research or produce your product.


We have experience in processioning, freezing, producing, and storing many materials. We have clearance, know how, and the perfectionist nature it takes to produce materials like dangerous cancer drugs, fragile vaccinations, and even cosmetic products that need a stable shelf life. Contact us today, no matter what your business or form of research you are doing to find out how we can help you bring forward more information and products in freeze-dried form. We work with people from around the globe to provide the best in lyophilization production and products.

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