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Freeze Drying Equipment For Large and Small Scale Operations

Are you in search of quality industrial freeze-drying equipment? We offer a variety of lyophilizers and accessories in the exact size you need for your plans. As is true with most large or vital equipment, your source for buying matters. We vet every machine we offer. If it is not a proven brand and product related to freeze-drying we do not offer it to our clients.


Freeze-drying has increased in the past few decades and will likely continue to grow as researchers are finding more and more applications for the technology. If you need the best freeze-drying equipment for your company call us today and we will assist you in purchasing the perfect set up for your specific needs. Get in on the wave of the future and add to the new uses of freeze-drying a product. From medicine to so much more the wave of professional freeze-drying is just beginning.

Protein Lyophilization Enables Scientist to Create Yet Another Alternative to Plastic!

Researchers have been using various food proteins to create an edible film to preserve other food items. Depending on the material used and the food protected this can be a flavor additive in the long run or simply a disposable food item that is still better than plastic because it is made by the biodegradable proteins of a vegetable or fruit.


Protein Lyophilization allows protein from food items, medical tests, and more to be preserved into a powder that can be used in seemingly endless applications. As researchers in labs, schools, and even homes use lyophilization to manipulate the longevity and behavior of proteins and other materials the uses may prove limitless. The future of plastics, food storage, and human recycling may be turned on its head. If you have a home lab or work with a facility that is learning new applications for proteins and other non-plastic materials consider how lyophilization may further your studies and open doors to discovery.

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