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A giant from Korea – IlshinBioBase

Improvements in the process of Freeze drying and of the equipment to carry it out have been a continuous challenge since this technology’s very beginnings. The design of units for efficient cycle under aseptic conditions has led to the development of specific equipment solutions for use in laboratory as well as in industrial applications.

With more than 30 years of experience in this field, Ilshin has specialized in the design and production of GMP equipment for the industrial sector. That is why the design of equipment is focused on strict compliance with current legislation and the trends established by the most demanding customers.

The company was established in Korea in 1988 and has now grown has one of the major player in Asia with 12 mil USD revenue and strength to enter the European and American Markets.

The latest numbers: Lab - 168 units; Pilot - 12 units; Industrial - 34 units.

Based on standard components, Ilshin supplies plant for cGMP production that is configured to meet the customer’s specific requirements. In addition, all freeze dryers can be integrated with the company’s automatic loading and unloading system.

Ilshin freeze dryer

Ilshin recognizes that the quality of engineering design, components, and workmanship will define the finished product. Ilshin's innovative approach to engineering design includes the in-house development of shelves production as well as automatic loading unloading system.

Integrating various core technologies, Ilshin provides turn-key custom-made solutions to solve a customer's most challenging applications. To ensure the equipment fully satisfies requirements, Ilshin undertakes factory acceptance testing (FAT) of all freeze-dryers, simulating as closely as possible real working conditions.

Ilshin is constantly developing solutions in the R&D department to address emerging challenges in pharmaceutical freeze-drying technology.

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