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Lyophilization World is Your Lyophilization Equipment Encyclopedia

If you are searching for commercial grade lyophilization equipment and accessories we have everything you could need. From quality vials made of medical grade glass to the large scale lyophilizer itself we can provide you with the equipment you need to produce your own freeze-dried product efficiently within your own laboratory.


Freeze drying is an exact science because you must remove every trace of water in order to preserve the product, yet you must do it in a manner and time frame that does not also kill any life within the product. When done correctly it provides life-saving medications and vaccinations to people across the globe. It is also useful in the food industry, the food supplement industry, and the cosmetic industry. If you are interested in purchasing free drying equipment for your company contact us to discuss your ideas, and we will help you choose the correct lyophization equipment.

Lyophilization World Has Your Lyophilizer and More

A lyophilizer brings to the world astronaut food, novelty items, food storage, and of course life-saving medications. If you have ever wondered how in the world they make freeze-dried ice-cream or Tylenol that dissolved on the tongue then welcome to the world of lyophilization. Freeze-drying is not as simple as leaving an item to dry until it is completely moisture free. There is an exact science behind the technology and machines that make it possible. A lyophilizer has allowed freeze-drying technology to grow from something that could only be done to food items high in the frigid mountains, and only if the climate agreed, to something that can be done anywhere in the world and with exact results due to the tried and true science and technology.


If you are interested in learning more about this awesome technology and how it can further change the world in novel and pragmatic ways contact us at Lyophilization world today.

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