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ProJect Pharmaceutics transforms all kinds of chemical and biological ingredients into pioneering drugs. They are experts in formulation science and pharmaceutical process development with special emphasis on recombinant proteins, Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) / cyto...

The origins of freeze drying can be traced back to the 15th century, where a rudimentary form of freeze drying was used by the Incas. Freeze-drying became recognized as an important technique for the preservation of numerous biologicals after centuries. What is in one...

Many people search for a freeze dryer and are surprised, even overwhelmed, with the number of choices available. The biggest question seems to arise when trying to determine the best laboratory freeze dryer: since “everything” begins at the lab.

One of the most importan...

Many biotechnologically manufactured substances are not sufficiently stable in aqueous solutions. Because of this, liquid formulations are quite difficult or in some cases, merely impossible to preserve for longer periods. One solution, however, is freeze-drying, by wh...

This article aims to explain, in a very clear way, how the development of a process should be carried out for a vial lyophilized product in aseptic environment and how to define the workable space of design in which are achieved the critical attributes of product quali...

Humidity is an essential parameter to consider when we have pre-frozen products to be loaded into the freeze-dryer. These are the most important consideration to study before...

A number of drugs are unstable in an aqueous environment, even when exposed for a short duration, thus requiring packaging, storage, and shipping in a powder or lyophilized state to keep the product stable during its shelf life. Used for parenteral administration, thes...

As is the case with all categories of pharmaceutical equipment, the maintenance of your freeze dryer depends on 3 HOWs:

  • How you use it (the kind of product and/or application)

  • How often you use it (number of cycles)

  • How well you care for it (let’s condense...

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