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Innovation in sectors such as the makeup and skin care industry is being led by companies mainly located in Asia that are currently starting to produce cosmetic products that have been subjected to lyophilization processes. The new demands of the cosmetic industry focu...

In the last 25 years, the percentage of lyophilized products has increased from 10% to almost 30% of the existing parenteral drugs. In addition, 80% of the freeze-dried parenteral drugs are lyophilized in vials. Vials are the most standardized solution for freeze dryin...

The name probiotic comes from the Greek words pro bios meaning “for life”.

Probiotics is known to give beneficial effect on human body such as improving intestinal motility, strengthening immunity, reducing atopic diseases and suppressing noxious germs.

In the past, the...

Many people search for a freeze dryer and are surprised, even overwhelmed, with the number of choices available. The biggest question seems to arise when trying to determine the best laboratory freeze dryer: since “everything” begins at the lab.

One of the most importan...

Improvements in the process of Freeze drying and of the equipment to carry it out have been a continuous challenge since this technology’s very beginnings. The design of units for efficient cycle under aseptic conditions has led to the development of specific equipment...

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