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Glass vial failures, specifically breakage, lensing, and cracks, are a source of product loss and process cost in the freeze-thaw, cryogenic preservation, and lyophilization of pharmaceutical products. Lyophilization is a common method for the preparation of freeze-dri...

Delamination has existed as a fundamental glass challenge for pharmaceutical manufacturers for decades. 

Delamination Explained

While boron, a volatile element, is the root cause for delamination – the converting process also impacts a container’s chemical durability. Du...

As well as our article on Rubber Stoppers having a big influence on the performance during freeze drying, selecting the right Glass Vial can also improve the efficiency of your freeze-drying cycle and the lyophilization cake.

What can be advisable is to check with a sup...

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Lyophilizer Sterilization

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