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The name probiotic comes from the Greek words pro bios meaning “for life”.

Probiotics is known to give beneficial effect on human body such as improving intestinal motility, strengthening immunity, reducing atopic diseases and suppressing noxious germs.

In the past, the...

Have you ever joined Richard Denk in a PDA Chapter? LyophiliationWorld is glad to propose an interview with the most reputable expert in Containment in the industry. 

Richard is an expert in consulting and planning of high containment HPAPI, ADC, highly active pharmaceu...

The number of parenteral products entering development and reaching the market has increased significantly during the past decade. By some estimates as many as half of all investigational new drug applications consist of biopharmaceuticals, the vast majority of which a...

The Heraeus Pharmaceutical Ingredients Business Line

Within the globally active Global Business Unit Heraeus Precious Metals, the Business Line (BL) Pharmaceutical Ingredients has specialized in the process development and production of highly potent active pharmaceutic...

The origins of freeze drying can be traced back to the 15th century, where a rudimentary form of freeze drying was used by the Incas. Freeze-drying became recognized as an important technique for the preservation of numerous biologicals after centuries. What is in one...

As the pharma industry evolved the need of automated and integrated lines (filling – freeze-dryer) grew worldwide. In the recent years close to 80% of the pharma freeze-dryers are connected through direct conveyor to the automatic loading system and filling line.


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