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A number of drugs are unstable in an aqueous environment, even when exposed for a short duration, thus requiring packaging, storage, and shipping in a powder or lyophilized state to keep the product stable during its shelf life. Used for parenteral administration, thes...

Isolators are routinely found within the pharmaceutical industry and are widely used in Europe (and increasingly in the US) for aseptic compounding applications. But what are the best isolators on the market?

To answer this question we definitively need to get deeper in...

With integrated Automatic Loading System and/or due to room restrictions, the position of the lyophilizer maintenance door is a delicate matter.

In another article we will detail the different LUS (loading/unloading system) in the market; for now, we should take into co...

Several questions showed up after our previous post, here there is a more precise information about the different strategies and manufacturing approach from different freeze dryer suppliers.

There are two clear trends in the market when considering the manufacturing alt...

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