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How to audit a Freeze Dryer Supplier

In the last 25 years, the percentage of freeze-dried products has increased from 10% to almost 30% of the existing parenteral drugs. In addition, 80% of the freeze-dried parenteral drugs are lyophilized in vials. Vials are the most standardized solution for freeze drying products, such as vaccines, peptides and proteins, due to the enormous advantages for transport and shelf life. The continuous development of new formulations and products of the pharmaceutical industry requires freeze dryer suppliers for constant delivery of solutions to comply with current regulations, the growing market demand and productivity. BUT, how can we select the best freeze dryer supplier for our freeze-drying li

The evolution of Freeze-Drying

THE FREEZE-DRYING TIMELINE Looking back to the timeline we see a substantial growth in the usage as well as the technology of freeze drying. THE FIRST SIGHT The menial process of freeze drying could first be spotted in the ancient Egyptian culture of mummification, the process involved removing all the organs in the body in a short span of time which resulted in the remains of the deceased in a humidity free environment and the final encapsulation prevented re hydration perfectly that made sure that the body didn’t decay making the process a key for immortality. this process essentially kept the deceased away from water and oxygen, the two important elements that are responsible for natural

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