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Why the cosmetic industry is interested in Freeze-Drying?

Innovation in sectors such as the makeup and skin care industry is being led by companies mainly located in Asia that are currently starting to produce cosmetic products that have been subjected to lyophilization processes. The new demands of the cosmetic industry focus the main objective in achieving cosmetic products hypoallergenic, pure, natural and with a minimum of waste. The cosmetic industry is interested in freeze drying processes due to the preservation of the qualities of the ingredients used in their natural and raw form. This feature of freeze drying allows cosmetic brands to capture the ingredients of their products in their best and most active form, without the need to add add

Pharmaceutical glass packaging innovation

Delamination has existed as a fundamental glass challenge for pharmaceutical manufacturers for decades. Delamination Explained While boron, a volatile element, is the root cause for delamination – the converting process also impacts a container’s chemical durability. During the converting process, specifically the step where the glass cane is parted (or separated) into two containers, the flame releases the boron from the glass network. Boron-containing compounds move around and evaporate as gas out of the glass network largely in the heel region of the vial.Like a charged helium balloon sticks to a wall or object, the boron particles adhere to cool regions in the side-walls and heel (bottom

Dangerous volatile APIs?

Volatile API compounds are the most sensitive components in the process of drying. The effect of drying on the composition these products has been the subjects of numerous studies, which show that the changes in the concentrations of the volatile compounds during drying depend on several factors, such as the drying method and drying conditions (temperature, air velocity, relative humidity). Although freeze-drying is the best drying method, increasing the pressure in the drying chamber considerably raised the release of volatile compounds and this can generate loss of product, a sticky final result and/or general contamination. Teclen® Lyoprotect®Tray with Halar® coating is designed for freez

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