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Automation in Freeze-Drying

In the last 25 years, the percentage of lyophilized products has increased from 10% to almost 30% of the existing parenteral drugs. In addition, 80% of the freeze-dried parenteral drugs are lyophilized in vials. Vials are the most standardized solution for freeze drying products, such as vaccines, peptides and proteins, due to the enormous advantages for transport and shelf life. The continuous development of new formulations and products of the pharmaceutical industry requests equipment suppliers for constant delivery of solutions to comply with current regulations, the growing market demand and productivity. Addressing the Advanced Pharmaceutical Market Ilshinbiobase in its commitment to a

How to improve Safety in the production of Cancer Drugs

ProJect Pharmaceutics transforms all kinds of chemical and biological ingredients into pioneering drugs. They are experts in formulation science and pharmaceutical process development with special emphasis on recombinant proteins, Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) / cytotoxics and live virus vaccines. With these innovative agents, a highly cytotoxic agent is linked to a monoclonal antibody, which is intended to direct the active substance to the cancer cells in a targeted manner. Cancer drugs with highly sensitive active ingredients often require to be freeze-dried to avoid degradation and reduction of effectiveness during storage. So far, the products have been freeze-dried in open glass vial

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